Takistan was originally a part of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India before the Second World War. It was a prosperous province, rich on oil- and mining recourses. There where over 40 oil fields and many gold-, emerald-, and some coal mines. It was also said that in the late 1800, one of the fist opium farms where set in this region among it's other agricultural prosperity.

After the war, there was a dispute of oil resources in the region, and tension grew between the involved nations. It went on for a long time and it escalated near braking point in April of 1957, when India bombed the Loy Manara Oil field. Pakistan wanted to retaliate, but due to intervention from China threatening to use military actions against Pakistan, the whole situation cooled down.

As history show, India had to forsake the province of Kashmir to Pakistan. This later culminated in the Indo Pakistani War in the early 70’s.

Left were Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan to divide this oil- and mineral rich region. Diplomatic negotiations went on for another three years and finally the borders where drafted, leaving almost nothing left for the Takistani people. Apart form agriculture, three oil field and an old mine, was the only resource they had. Their country had been reduced from the size of Switzerland to not much more than what Monaco is today.

The Province of Takistan was declared independent in 1961.

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